We – Deborah, Maria and Sahil are 3 Designers in Residence with different backgrounds, bound together during 3 months in the city of Kortrijk.

The theme of the residence is “enabling liquid boundaries by social design”. Boundaries have become blur in society. Libraries act as social meeting places, social restaurants also accommodate childcare, young startups and concert halls are co-housing, culture and scientific research reinforce each other, etc. The permanent state of societal transformations leads to a society with liquid boundaries. In the residency program we plan to develop experimental concepts for those liquid boundaries by social design, exploring social transformation through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions such as Kortrijk.

The residence is hosted by Design Regio Kortrijkthe platform that stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, inspire good practices and connect a network of companies, designers, education and public space.

If you want to collaborate, help, know what we are up to. You can follow us or contact us on the following platforms